SFI (Student Feedback Instruments)

SFI (Student Feedback Instruments)

SFI Information

Student Feedback Instruments (SFIs) are used at Red Deer Polytechnic to collect student feedback on teaching (in SoTL literature, these are often referred to as SETs, Student Evaluations of Teaching).

The Polytechnic uses the results of the SFIs to assess instructor performance and institutional effectiveness. Instructors use the results to improve the student learning experience.

For more information, visit the SFI page on the RDP website.

Link to Student Emails

SFI Questions

The General Form Questions lists the SFI questions.

Please note: TVP and non-teaching faculty use different SFI versions which are currently under review by the Faculty Performance Committee.

Interpreting SFI Results

The Interpreting SFI Results Guide promotes balanced interpretation and consistent use of SFI feedback.

Student View

The SFI Questionnaire Screen Shots document illustrates the student view of the SFI questionnaire.

Student feedback will only be available to instructors AFTER final grades are submitted for the course. This includes any comments provided and a summary of the 5-point scale ratings. Student feedback will also be made available to the instructor’s Dean.