The Quiet Book Club

The Quiet Book Club

What is the Quiet Book Club?

A chance to read a book, in quiet solitude, and then come together for a collegial discussion at the end! A no-pressure Book Club! Books are chosen based on their relevance to professional development or current topics of interest at Red Deer Polytechnic.

The Quiet Book Club is a joint initiative between the Centre for Teaching and Learning and the Library. For more information please contact:

Kasey Fulton

Learning Designer | Centre for Teaching and Learning


Sona Macnaughton

Librarian | Division of Student Success


Relax: A Guide to Everyday Health Decisions with More Facts and Less Worry

by Timothy Caulfield

“We make thousands of decisions every day. Decisions about when to wake up, how to brush our teeth, what to have for breakfast, how to get our kids to school, the amount of coffee to drink, and on and on.
     Making so many decisions is tough and can lead to fatigue and making poor decisions. And the more deliberate the decision, or the more we need to think about it, the more fatiguing the process. There are many social forces at work that make how and what we choose an unnecessarily anxious process. But it doesn’t have to be.”

We invite all students, staff, and faculty to read the current Quiet Book Club selection Relax: A Guide to Everyday Health Decisions with More Facts and Less Worry by Timothy Caulfield.

Professor Timothy Caulfield is a bestselling author and speaker for the RDP Perspectives: Canada in the World series. 

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