Educational Technology

Educational Technology

Incorporating educational technology tools into the classroom has the power to create transformative learning experiences. The Centre for Teaching and Learning collaborates with Faculty on the implementation of educational technologies to support and enhance collaborative, learner-centred, and active learning environments at Red Deer Polytechnic.

Our Learning Designers and Multimedia Specialists can assist you with:

  • Training and support for various teaching tools
  • Course development in Blackboard
  • Classroom technology best practices

A computer that has at least 8GB of ram to handle multiple applications — email, web browsing, etc. Having dual monitors at your desk can increase productivity and makes it easier to share applications when teaching live sessions in Collaborate Ultra.

Many laptops come with an integrated webcam which is sufficient. Otherwise, USB webcams are a good alternative. The Logitech C920 is a 1080p high quality webcam that is a good choice for teaching.

The best microphone for a reasonable cost will be the Blue Snowball. It costs roughly $70 and has really excellent vocal clarity. The best headset for a reasonable cost will be the Logitech H540. Decent sound quality and comfortable to wear. It costs roughly $60. Will pick up your voice in louder environments.

It is recommended to have at least a 20 Mbps download speed and a 5 Mbps upload speed, especially if you are teaching with Collaborate Ultra. A wi-fi connection is acceptable, but you may experience lag when accessing or participating within certain environments, depending upon the service you use.Take a speed test at to check your download and upload speed.

Visit our Online Strategies for Class Disruption page for a list of suggested activities when teaching remotely.

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