Driven by evidence-based practice and decision making, we guide and support faculty in all aspects of curriculum development.

We can assist you with any curriculum development project including new program development, program review, and course redesign.

Development, Review, and Redesign

The Centre for Teaching and Learning assists with:

  • New Program Development
    RDP is responsible for the currency and quality of its curricula. The CTL ensures stewardship of curricula and can assist you in any curriculum development project. Learning Designers guide you (as the content expert) and your curriculum through the stages of development, approval, review, and revision.
  • Program Review
    The CTL provides guidance to faculty during the program review process. They ensure that the current curriculum is documented correctly, aligns with policies, and meets standards.
  • Course Redesign
    Do you have a course that is in need of a major renovation? We can assist with aligning course and program outcomes; lesson planning; selecting and incorporating engaging learning activities; embedding technology; reviewing forms of assessment; and preparing for online delivery.

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