Copyright & Consent

Copyright & Consent


The following resources provide information about Canadian copyright law and its impact on Post-Secondary Education.

Copyright Guide
A comprehensive guide to copyright in the classroom.

The Library Information Common has an excellent resource for faculty that shares information about using copyrighted materials at RDP:

“The fair dealing provision in the Copyright Act permits use of a copyright-protected work without permission from the copyright owner or the payment of copyright royalties.” These guidelines apply to post-secondary education institutions.

Consent for Assignment Use

Have you ever had a student submit an assignment (in print or online format, e.g. via blackboard) that you want to use as an exemplar? This consent form can be used to get permission from your students to do just that!

We suggest placing this type of consent in the Start Here module of your Blackboard course.

Search for the form, “Consent for Use of Student Assignment – RDP” from the RDP Forms Index:

Inline Grading and New Box View Privacy Statement

In your course, you may choose to use the Blackboard Assignment Tool for the submission of student assignments. When students submit an assignment, it is displayed within Blackboard through an inline viewer called New Box View. Inline grading allows you to annotate and grade student assignment submissions directly within their browser, rather than having to download their assignment to view or edit it. New Box View is the third-party, cloud-based technology that powers the inline viewer within the Assignment tool in Blackboard.

Student assignment submissions are stored in your Blackboard course. A copy of the file is transmitted to the New Box View cloud service for conversion. The converted version of the file lives in the cloud on servers managed by New Box View.

When submitting, student username and user ID are sent to New Box View for attribution and submission ownership information. No grades, first or last name, email, or other information is shared with Box. Only the files in native format are transmitted to New Box View for conversion.

Any grades available in the My Grades section of Blackboard remain property of Red Deer College and are not subject to United States laws. These grades remain private between you and your instructor and do not reside on servers outside of Canada.

View the Box Privacy Notice

Information modified from Assignment Inline Grading webpage.